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March 8, 2022


The sun rises and a new day begins. 

The cries of a hundred geese alert me of the need to get going myself.

 For life is passing like the almost imperceptible drip of the water off the rain gutter.  

It is now I realize, I’m just a tiny part of a great world around me that has gone on and goes on with or without me. 

The earth turns and seasons change. 

Hearts break but love remains.

 I rise to the cries of a hundred geese. 

The rays of the new dawn golden on the underside of their straining wings.             Nick LaRue,  8/22/2012

 For me, facing life’s problems means not getting stuck in the “muck” but instead seeing obstacles as a part of a greater journey of the body, mind and spirit.  Thus life’s challenges can be something to be used rather than as something to be endured.  Is it possible then that challenges have purpose and a joy is felt that comes from knowing a different meaning of life?    

Win Simon, 3/1/2016

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